I use YUI Compressor in Symfony2 with assetic bundle. I have a problem:

If a jquery file start with /* comments I get syntax error.... In order to get rid of it I need to delete all /* comments from all js files... This is starting to be a problem as everytime I update other bundles the comments are returning. Anyone have an idea how to sovle this? Is this a known issue?

YUI Compressor version: 2.4.8

Thanks a lot.

  • For me version 2.4.8 fixed the problem. Do the comments start with /*! rather than only /* ? – jfcartier Aug 19 '13 at 5:03

Cannot seem to find why this is happening. It is most likely a bug. If you use Dreamweaver, try using this to ease your work. If you are not using dreamweaver, find your favourite program here.

Hope this helps!


Check the encoding on your file. I've had problems with YUI Compressor if my .js and .css files were not UTF-8.

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