I am implementing espn api, but having some issue, most api gives me this response.

{"timestamp" :"2013-02-25T11:19:02Z","message" :"This action is forbidden for the requested resource at your permission level. Please review the documentation for account level access.","status" :"error","code" :403}

I am using this api Espn MLB Standing

I want to know that where to review the documentation, i is there any need to purchase some api or anything else?


One more thing there is ?apikey=:yourkey , so this key is same for all user or we have to get this according to user login.


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I think you are using the wrong apikey or there is some issue in your URL query.

Your app will have a unique apikey. This key is same for all users who are using the app.

You should get a apikey by registering to their site and use it for development purpose.

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    registered and got the api=mkygnjtr7tz5cv4ea892s9f6 Feb 25, 2013 at 14:44

My rep doesn't allowing commenting, but I thought I'd add the following here:

  • A small amount of ESPN API data is free, but much requires payment.
  • You probably don't want to publicly share your personal API key for security reasons.
  • Go to http://developer.espn.com/io-docs and plug in your API key and use the GUI to generate an API call/response. It's a good way to see a valid, working syntax that you can then drop into your app and edit as necessary.

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