The class javax.security.auth.x500.X500Principal is final and (of course) not annotated with JAXB annotations? So how can I marshal it as part of a larger object graph? I would like to substitute it with the value of it's name property.


The solution is straightforward:

final class X500PrincipalXmlAdapter
extends XmlAdapter<String, X500Principal> {
    @Override public X500Principal unmarshal(String name) {
        return new X500Principal(name);

    @Override public String marshal(X500Principal principal) {
        return principal.getName();

Actually, I wonder why JAXB lets me get away with a non-public XMLAdapter class, but I certainly prefer it that way.


You could use an XmlAdapter for this use case. The XmlAdapter is used to convert an unmappable object into a mappable one. The XmlAdapter is configured on a field/property using the @XmlJavaTypeAdapter annotation.

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