I'm debugging a crash dump file for a .NET 2.0 assembly in WinDbg.

When I type "lm" into WinDbg, I get a long list of loaded modules like this:

723c0000 72950000 mscorwks   (deferred)  

What does "deferred" mean here? Do I need to worry about it?

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It just means no symbols were loaded yet for this module. So don't worry about that.

See lm (List Loaded Modules)

The symbol type immediately follows the module name. This column is not labeled. For more information about the various status values, see Symbol Status Abbreviations. If you have loaded symbols, the symbol file name follows this column.

and Deferred Symbol Loading

By default, symbol information is not actually loaded when the target modules are loaded. Instead, symbols are loaded by the debugger as they are needed. This is called deferred symbol loading or lazy symbol loading.

and Symbol Status Abbreviations:

Abbreviation: deferred

Meaning: The module has been loaded, but the debugger has not attempted to load the symbols. Symbols will be loaded when needed. See Deferred Symbol Loading for details.

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    Type ld * to load all symbols and change "deferred" into "public pdb symbols" or "private pdb symbols". Commented Apr 21, 2015 at 18:42

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