Where can I find resources related to the design and development of text-based user interfaces (e.g. interfaces exported via serial port from embedded devices to VT100 terminals)? I am interested in any material available - best practices, style guides, frameworks, etc.

Note that I am asking about resources related to the design and development of 'TUIs' rather than command-line interfaces (the thrust of Text User Interface Design Reference?). Wikipedia differentiates TUIs from CLIs (and GUIs) as follows:

TUIs are different from command-line interfaces in that, like GUIs, they use the entire screen area and do not necessarily provide line-by-line output. However, TUIs only use text and symbols available on a typical text terminal, while GUIs typically use high-resolution graphics modes.

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I don't have any experience with VT100 and that kind of stuff, but I know that Turbo Vision is still around and kicking on quite a few platforms, DOS and Linux included. And back in its day, it was used to write some of the better TUI applications (Borland C++ and Borland Pascal DOS IDEs come to mind), and I've seen it used in LOB applications back then quite often as well.

Screenshot: http://tvision.sourceforge.net/tv2-QNX-tvscreen.jpg

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    Wow! This brings back some old memories! – Derick Schoonbee May 8 '11 at 11:06

Perhaps take a look at ncurses? It's a GNU library specifically designed for writing terminal-based UIs.


For best practices and style guides, the IBM Common User Access (CUA) defines a "text subset" that should be helpful especially if your users are used to GUIs. Details are in Chapter 3 of:


Additional CUA guidelines and standards are in:


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