In my cloud application am using only one role i.e web role not using worker role.i have little bit confusion between web role and worker role .

1)Both are same or not?

2)In our application what is the importance of worker role?

3)If i want to add worker role in my cloud application then how can add to my application.Please suggest me?

Thanks in Advance,


You'll find this answered in several places, such as here. They're both Windows servers, but Web Roles have IIS enabled. You can do the same things in Web and Worker roles. If, say, you're using Tomcat for a web server, it's better to use a Worker role since you don't need IIS.

You go with separate roles when you have different scaling needs. For example, maybe you want a Small (single-core) Web role for your website, running 2-5 instances depending on traffic. Then maybe a Medium (2-core) Worker with 2-10 instances depending on job workload in your Azure queue. Just a made-up scenario, but hopefully that illustrates why you might want multiple roles defined. You're free to run all your code in a single role

  • Hi David,Thanks for your explanation.But my problem is my application is performance is not good. previously(before deployed in azure) this same application performance is very good.but now it's to slow. – PCSSCP Feb 26 '13 at 5:11
  • @PCSSCP: You have to profile your application and find out why teh performance is no longer good. – sharptooth Feb 26 '13 at 7:41

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