I want to create password protected ZIP:

    // Set the compression level

    // Set the encryption flag to true
    // If this is set to false, then the rest of encryption properties are ignored

    // Set the encryption method to Standard Zip Encryption

    // Set password

but this just encrypt files inside of zip but I can open this zip and watch file inside it

  • Possible duplicate : stackoverflow.com/questions/166340/…
    – benzonico
    Feb 26 '13 at 9:23
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    I dont think so. In your thread there are list of libraries which you can use for creating zip but I choose one and I need help with it
    – hudi
    Feb 26 '13 at 9:30

Zip4j supports the encryption of the file list...

Key features:

  • Create, Add, Extract, Update, Remove files from a Zip file
  • Read/Write password protected Zip files
  • Supports AES 128/256 Encryption
  • Supports Standard Zip Encryption
  • Supports Zip64 format
  • Supports Store (No Compression) and Deflate compression method
  • Create or extract files from Split Zip files (Ex: z01, z02,...zip)
  • Supports Unicode file names
  • Progress Monitor

Take a look at this example code AddFilesWithAESEncryption.java:

// Initiate ZipFile object with the path/name of the zip file.
ZipFile zipFile = new ZipFile("c:\\ZipTest\\AddFilesWithAESZipEncryption.zip");

// Build the list of files to be added in the array list
// Objects of type File have to be added to the ArrayList
ArrayList filesToAdd = new ArrayList();
filesToAdd.add(new File("c:\\ZipTest\\sample.txt"));
filesToAdd.add(new File("c:\\ZipTest\\myvideo.avi"));
filesToAdd.add(new File("c:\\ZipTest\\mysong.mp3"));

// Initiate Zip Parameters
ZipParameters parameters = new ZipParameters();
// set compression method to deflate compression

// Set the encryption flag to true

// Set the encryption method to AES Zip Encryption

// Set AES Key strength. Key strengths available for AES encryption are:

// Set password

// Now add files to the zip file
zipFile.addFiles(filesToAdd, parameters);
  • setPassword is deprecated. New version is: ZipFile zipFile = new ZipFile("filename.zip", "password".toCharArray()); Apr 8 '21 at 7:10

Zip4j does not support the encryption of the file list because of patent issues.

See: http://www.lingala.net/zip4j/forum/index.php?topic=104.0


As stated in the link. The zip-specification does not include the encryption of the filelist. To hide the filenames you can create a zip-file including your files encapsulate it by zip it again. Hence if you open zip2.zip you will only see "zip1.zip" and not the original filenames.

  • PKWare provides it's own tool called SecureZIP. It supports file name encryption Feb 14 '20 at 19:46

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