When I tried to FTP Russian named files, it is showing as "junk" characters in Linux machine. But when I copied the Russian names it is correctly showing up.

Is there any settings or anything need to be done in Filezilla during FTP. I tried with both Ascii and Binary mode.

The Linux machine is having locale set to ru_RU.cp1251.

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FTP was invented with US-ASCII as character set in mind, so it lacks a concept for different character sets at all. The server sends filenames as-is and the client has to properly interpret them.

FileZilla can do that as well: Add your site to the Site Manager (File then Site Manager…). For your site, go to Charset tab and select Use custom charset. As I do not know how the accepted character set name is, you have to try a bit: cp-1251, windows-1251, cp1251, etc.

If possible, make sure the FTP server supports UTF-8 and then always use UTF-8 (Unicode). This way you do not have such problems anymore.

ASCII and binary modes by the way are completely unrelated to character sets - see FileZilla Wiki regarding data type for more information.

  • I was searching around for something like this. I used cp-1251 and although I still couldn't read the folder names, I was able to download them which was better than getting the errors I was getting.
    – Travis
    Commented Jun 13, 2013 at 19:24
  • Great! You just saved my butt! I'll be able to get my homework done! :D
    – GTodorov
    Commented Jun 9, 2014 at 0:01

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