I have seen this popular question:

What is the maximum length of a URL in different browsers?

But since I couldn't find a reference to Google Chrome directly (and since most answers were given a few years ago) I was wondering what is the current limitation of URL length for the Google Chrome browser?


I believe it's stayed the same:

I could not find any limits on Chrome and Safari. Both are based on WebKit and it seems to have similar limits as Firefox has.

Firefox stops displaying after 64k characters, but can serve more than 100k characters.

you can read more about it in this article.

Generally speaking there is no "limit" to a URL's length, but this answer states that you should keep your URL's under 2048 chars regardless to make sure it works in every client and server.

More information about all browsers here.

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The current limit in Chrome is 2MB. This issue is discussed here:


You'll find resources there such as a workaround when you need to overcome the issue for things such as displaying an image with a "toDataUrl" source.


Besides the fact that handling a URL might be implementation-dependent, the HTTP/1.1 specifications states in the RFC2616 that :

RFC 2616 (Hypertext Transfer Protocol — HTTP/1.1) states in section 3.2.1 that there is no limit to the length of an URI (URI is the official term for what most people call a URL).

I do not know how many maximum characters would be, at maximum, be accepted by Google Chrome, and don't even know if there currently exists such a limit. Perhaps would it be specified in an obscure define in the Chromium GIT repository or even specified by the maximum value of a text input in the Win32 API on windows for example.

However there is a limit on most web servers regarding URL lengths. They will probably in most cases throw a 413 Entity Too Large in response.


In theory it should be unlimited, However in practise, most of the Http Clients or Browsers are limited to 2083 characters of Url Length.

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