I have the following input:

and so on...

I want it to "parse" with scanf() using some code like this:

char sem[5];
char type[5];
char title[80];
int value;

while(scanf("%s,%s,%s,%d", sem, type, title, &value) == 4) {
 //do something with the read line values

But the execution of the code gives me: illegal instruction

How would you read a comma-separated file like this?


The comma is not considered a whitespace character so the format specifier "%s" will consume the , and everything else on the line writing beyond the bounds of the array sem causing undefined behaviour. To correct this you need to use a scanset:

while (scanf("%4[^,],%4[^,],%79[^,],%d", sem, type, title, &value) == 4)


  • %4[^,] means read at most four characters or until a comma is encountered.

Specifying the width prevents buffer overrun.

  • Note that, even if no overrun occurs, the following , in the format won’t match. – Davis Herring May 19 '19 at 21:20

The problem that you are having is because when you say

 scanf("%s,%s,%s,%d", sem, type, title, &value) 

what happens is that you are trying doing is that you are fitting all the line into the first string which is just 5 characters. Therefore the sem[5] overflows, and soes all sorts of funny things. To avoid this problem, I tried using the expression %[^,], but it is not quite working. The best bet is to use something like

while(scanf("%s%c%s%c%s%c%d", sem, &ch, type, &ch, title, &ch, &value) != EOF)

Then you can just discard the ch. However bear in mind that is better to use other functions to reading input such as getchar(), and things like that, which are much faster and safer in some sense.

  • The problem with your "best bet" is that it doesn't quite work either. – Antti Haapala Jan 9 '18 at 21:03

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