I am trying to get the index of an element in a vector of strings, to use it as an index in another vector of int type, is this possible ?


vector <string> Names;
vector <int> Numbers;

// condition to check whether the name exists or not
if((find(Names.begin(), Names.end(), old_name_)) != Names.end())  
    {   // if yes
        cout <<"Enter the new name."<< endl;
        cin >> name;
        replace(Names.begin(), Names.end(), old_name_, name);

Now I want to get the position of old_name in the Names vector, to use it in accessing certain element in Numbers vector. So that I can say:

Numbers[position] = 3 ; // or whatever value assigned here.

I tried using:

vector <string> :: const_iterator pos;
pos = (find(Names.begin(), Names.end(), old_name_))
Numbers[pos] = 3;

but obviously this doesn't work since pos is of type string !

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To get a position of an element in a vector knowing an iterator pointing to the element, simply subtract v.begin() from the iterator:

ptrdiff_t pos = find(Names.begin(), Names.end(), old_name_) - Names.begin();

Now you need to check pos against Names.size() to see if it is out of bounds or not:

if(pos >= Names.size()) {
    //old_name_ not found

vector iterators behave in ways similar to array pointers; most of what you know about pointer arithmetic can be applied to vector iterators as well.

Starting with C++11 you can use std::distance in place of subtraction for both iterators and pointers:

ptrdiff_t pos = distance(Names.begin(), find(Names.begin(), Names.end(), old_name_));
  • Sorry, I can't see @Bob__ 's comments, maybe deleted? I'm wondering why ptrdiff_t is better than size_t since ptrdiff_t would raise a warning of comparison between signed and unsigned integer – Hiraku Oct 17 '17 at 5:43
  • 2
    @Hiraku He did delete his comment. He suggested using ptrdiff_t because it lets you store the distance between any pair of iterators into the same container, even in situations when the result is negative. If we use size_t we must be careful not to subtract a larger iterator from a smaller iterator. – dasblinkenlight Oct 17 '17 at 10:49
  • To be more precise, you should add "#include <algorithm>" (for using std::find). Author of question omitted this "include" too. – Grag2015 1 hour ago

If you want an index, you can use std::find in combination with std::distance.

auto it = std::find(Names.begin(), Names.end(), old_name_);
if (it == Names.end())
  // name not in vector
} else
  auto index = std::distance(Names.begin(), it);
  • 6
    why not use const-iterators? – dani Feb 13 '16 at 9:33

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