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I am having trouble just creating something simple, and it does not seem that any website is clear on how to do this, and honestly I think it should be simple.

I have a bunch of java files for a project. I want to compile all of them, and then run each file with specific arguments.

Basically I want the order of operations to be something like this

javac prob1.java
javac prob2.java

java prob1 parameter
java prob2 parameter

But I want that in ant (build.xml).

I can do the compile part just fine with

<project default="compile"> 
    <target name="compile"> 
    <javac srcdir="." /> 

I just can not get it to run say prob1 with an argument. I imagine this is extremely easy, but every solution I have found, does not seem to work. Also note prob1.class and prob2.class are in the same directory.

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This should work:

<target name="run">
    <java classname="prob1">
           <pathelement location="."/>
        <arg value="parameter" />
    <java classname="prob2">
           <pathelement location="."/>
        <arg value="parameter" />
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That worked. Thanks! I just copied and pasted into the project tags and it worked just fine. –  MZimmerman6 Feb 27 '13 at 3:31

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