Can I somehow add custom field with static (not computed) value?

I want to prepare objects before send and I need to remove some fields with internal information and add field with some entity ID.

For example I have collection "test" with objects like this

{_id: ObjectId(...), data: {...}}

And I need to convert it to

{data: {...}, entity_id: 54}

So how can I add entity_id: 54 without looping over result in my code?

db.test.aggregate({ $project: {_id: 0, data: 1, entity_id: ? } })



Note that $literal was implemented in Mongo 2.6. So now you can simply write:

   {$project: {_id: 0, data: 1, entity_id: {$literal: 54}}})

See $literal.

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edit as of 2.6 the $literal expression exists so you don't have to use the workaround now.

Original answer: I know this may sound really dumb, but you can use a "no-op" expression to "compute" what you need.


db.test.aggregate( { $project : {_id:0, data:1, entity_id: {$add: [54]} } } )

There was a proposed $literal operator for exactly this use case but it hasn't been implemented yet, you can vote for it here.

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  • Thanks, $literal really can be helpful. Little fix for your example - entity_id: {$add:[54]} – redexp Feb 27 '13 at 12:38
  • right - I was thinking of a slightly different example, of course you don't need to add 0 :) – Asya Kamsky Feb 27 '13 at 12:42

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