I have the following code:

echo "<li style='font-size:10pts;' class='news-item'>
        <a href='$link'>(".date("D, d M Y", strtotime($date)).") $description</a>

and the database field value for link is:


Now when the echo statement above is executed, and I click on the link shown on page, it doesn't go to www.yahoo.com, but rather to www.mydomain.com/www.yahoo.com. This of course results in not found 404. How can I solve this please?


If you dont add http:// in front of your link, It will be executed as a directory:

echo "<li style='font-size:10pts;' class='news-item'>
        <a href='http://{$link}'>(".date("D, d M Y", strtotime($date)).") $description</a>

Or put http://www.yahoo.com/ in your database and use your original script.


Put into database link with http://


add http or https ahead of link href.

$var = 'www.yahoo.com';

if(strpos($var, 'http://') !== 0) {
  return 'http://' . $var;
} else {
  return $var;

Try this,

$link = "http://".$link;

<a href='".$link."'>(".date("D, d M Y", strtotime($date)).") $description</a>

You have to add http:// to the beginning otherwise it is relative to the current location


Your $link = "www.yahoo.com"

your code <a href='$link'>

then output <a href='www.yahoo.com'>

When you use tag a href attribute should be <a href='http://www.yahoo.com'> to link to other domain.

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