My application uses ACS Push Notification. I have implemented app badge in my application. But the problem is the appBadge doesn't incrementing automatically while receiving a push notification. I have used the following code in my app

var deviceToken;
        types: [
            deviceToken = e.deviceToken;
            SubscribeToPush(channelName, deviceToken, type);
            alert("Error: "+ ((e.error && e.message) || JSON.stringify(e.error)));
            var badgeCount = Ti.UI.iPhone.getAppBadge();
            badgeCount = badgeCount + 1;

I read here that "callback function" invoked upon receiving a new push notification. So I set the following code as callback to increment the badge.

     var badgeCount = Ti.UI.iPhone.getAppBadge(); //Will return the app badges
     badgeCount = badgeCount + 1;                 //Incrementing the appbadge
     Ti.UI.iPhone.setAppBadge(badgeCount);        //Setting new appbadge

It works while the app is open and when it receives a notification, callback get fired and when the app go to background, the badge get appeared. But I want to increment the badge number when the app is in background or exited. Can anyone help me to resolve this issue?


After lots of research I have created a sample application to increment the appBadge while receiving a server push notification. You can download the code from Increment the ios appBadge Titanium. Please follow the steps after downloading the resources folder.

  1. Create a new mobile application project in Titanium.
  2. Replace the resources folder with the one you downloaded.
  3. Login to www.appcelerator.com, go to your app then go to Manage ACS
  4. Create a new user as admin, set user as admin
  5. Create a new Access Control List(ACS) using the admin user and give the ACL Name as 'SampleApp'
  6. Upload the p12 certificate for push notification
  7. Now Install the application to your iPhone and run the app...

Each user of the app should have a custom object which stores the number of notifications. I'm updating them while sending a push and clears it while I resume/open the application. I tested it with my iPhone devices and it works perfect. However it takes some delays since I have to call ACS multiple times.

UPDATE : Latest Titanium SDKs Support this feature by default.

What you need to do is to change the payload as follows:

var payload = {"alert":"Hi, This is a test notification", badge: "+1"};
/*+1 will increment the current appbadge by 1, number of appbadge will be saved in the ACS*/
    channel: 'friend_request',
    payload: payload
}, function (e) {
    if (e.success) {
    } else {
        alert('Error:\n' +
        ((e.error && e.message) || JSON.stringify(e)));

And this will increase the appbadge by one. And you need to reset the appbadge when you resume/open of your application as follows

   device_token : myDeviceToken
}, function(e){
       } else {
             //Error callback

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