in notepad++ SQL language it highlights the word "type" in a blue color but in mysql reserved word list/table* I can't find "type" in that

If "type" is not a reserved word in mysql should I avoid the word "type" and which alternative word should I use.

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    Use something descriptive. type is like id. It really only goes so far. Tell me more about it.
    – user166390
    Mar 1 '13 at 4:58

Definitely, NO.

When I open my Notepad++, I can't seem to find language for MySQL, only SQL is available. So the reason why it is highlighted as blue is because it may be reserved keyword from the other languages.


TYPE is not a SQL command.

However, I would avoid it for 2 reasons:

  • "datatype" is referred to several times in SQL documentation (assuming this means string, int, float.
  • type() will be a reserved word in many programming languages that you want to use in cooperating with a SQL datastore. Especially if you plan to use that programming language as an ORM.

"type" and "types" are reserved keywords based on this link.


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