I have a very silly seeming problem but i haven't found an answer to it. I have an upload server and an UploadServlet. Previously the routing {server}/upload/(filename.txt) worked like a charm, now we are encoding the path which encodes / charecter as %2F so if the file path was = /xcv now becomes = %2Fxcv and this doesn't get re-routed to the servlet i want. Is there any simple flag setting or something i'm missing here to avoid this, or will i have to use an entire new Rewrite rule, if so, why isn't this simple rule working ?

RewriteRule ^/fileupload?$ [F]
RewriteRule ^/fileupload(.*)$ /(server)/$1 [PT, L]
  • Does adding NE flag ([NE,PT,L]) help? – Salman A Mar 1 '13 at 11:34

Apparently %2F seems to be valid only when used within a query string. You can fix the problem by replacing all instances of %2F with %252F.

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