I am trying to learn to use keyboard macros more but wasn't sure how to approach this.

I need to select a region, then run two query-replacements on that region. The region will be different each time, but the query replacements will be the same.

The problem comes because the first query replace (or replace-string) removes the active region. If I use C-u C-SPC, it appears the beginning mark is saved, but the point is not saved, so the active region is not available for the second replace operation.

How can I apply two operations, which remove the active region as a side effect, to the same region in a keyboard macro?


As I don't perfom tasks like the one described that often I'm not sure I can advice you the quickest solution but here at least two approaches that will work.

Option 1

This option involves using narrowing to reduce the buffer to the active region prior to performing query-replace, or whatever you want to do with the region. The workflow would be as follows:

  • ... start recording your keyboard macro with region active
  • M-x narrow-to-region
  • ... perform the operations you want to perform happily jumping back to the start via M-< (beginning-of-buffer) and the like
  • M-x widen
  • ... stop recording your keyboard macro

You should be able to happily apply it to any highlighted region.

BTW: narrow-to-region and widen have a default bindings of C-x n n (narrow-to-region) and C-x n w (widen) so you could use them either in case you haven't changed your keybindings

Option 2

This options involves using registers to store the locations of the region prior to "destroying" it. The actual workflow would look like

  • ... start recording your keyboard macro with region active
  • C-x r SPC 1 (point-to-register)
  • C-x C-x (exchange-point-and-mark)
  • C-x r SPC 2 (point-to-register)
  • ... perform the operation that "destroys" the region
  • C-x r j 2 (jump-to-register)
  • C-SPC
  • C-x r j 1 (jump-to-register)
  • ... now your region should be back again, so happily apply any other operations not "destroying" the region
  • ... stop recording your keyboard macro
  • Two great tips, thanks. I think what I was missing was point-to-register, but I think that narrow-to-region and widen will be really useful. – derekv Mar 1 '13 at 21:26

What you're missing is exchange-point-and-mark C-x C-x. This has the effect of re-activating the mark.

  • Unfortunately that alone won't do it, as the problem is the point from where the search started is "lost". As the region is the part between point and mark C-xC-x will not restore the original region. Possibly there is another way to restore the original position of point - maybe because it is pushed on some mark-ring or anything prior to destroying it by starting to move point by performing query-replace. If you know of such a trick please let us know. – mikyra Mar 2 '13 at 11:46

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