Am new to working with ndk. Seeing some posts and googling around i found the way to compile my native files using NDK. I installed ndk r7c. However when i used the command ndk-build i got the following error:

/cygdrive/d/android-ndk-r7c-windows/android-ndk-r7c/ndk-build: line 40: dirname: command not found
/cygdrive/d/android-ndk-r7c-windows/android-ndk-r7c/ndk-build: line 78: uname: command not found
ERROR: Unknown host operating system:

My directory for the project was:

Haris Riaz@HarisRiaz-PC /cygdrive/d/reader-2/android/jni

Am unable to know the nature of the problem. Please help me whats this error about and how to solve it. Thank You!

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From Haris Riaz@HarisRiaz-PC I can deduct that you are running on Linux. But according to android-ndk-r7c-windows, you are trying to run a windows version ow the NDK. And ERROR: Unknown host operating system: confirms this. Download Linux version of the NDK from here and you should be fine.

  • but am using cygwin on windows. How to cater that?? am not working in linux. would this version work fine for me? This haris riaz@harisriaz-pc is from the cygwin terminal! – Alfred Mar 2 '13 at 22:49
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    You don't need cygwin to run NDK tools in windows. Just use windows shell cmd. There's a pretty detailed tutorial on running NDK in windows here:… – Anton Cherkashyn Mar 2 '13 at 23:27

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