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Hi I am trying to run a script for spotify that is python called starrify on my mac

I am getting this error when I run it

error "Traceback (most recent call last):
File \"/Users/hnewbs/Documents/star/\", line 7, in <module>
from spotify import Link
ImportError: No module named spotify" number 1

Any idea on how to fix this? Thanks

I fixed it by reinstall pyspotify by following these instructions

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Requirements: Install libspotify and pyspotify. Have you installed these dependencies? – Octipi Mar 3 '13 at 0:02
I have installed them both and reinstalled them – Henry Newberry Mar 3 '13 at 0:27
This is beyond my experience. I think you have to integrate the libspotify module into python. You might need to create a wrapper function in c to use libspotify with python. I am looking at this site for details. This is beyond my experience and since I do not plan on getting a premium spotify account, I wish you luck on your journey. – Octipi Mar 3 '13 at 0:38

pyspotify is not installed correctly (or you are not running the same python interpreter you used to install it). You can install it with pip install pyspotify. You then should be able to import spotify in a script and have it succeed. You might also try running the pyspotify example script first.

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