I've started learning core.logic and I'm totally lost. I am trying to write a core.logic relation which refactors an expression, renaming symbols. I want a relation that returns for a given expression, list of symbols and a list of symbols to rename those symbols:

(defn rename [exp from to]...

the expression with all the symbols in from becoming the corresponding one in to:

e.g. (rename '(defn multiply [x y] (* x y)) [x y] [a b]) 

returns (defn multiply [a b] (* a b))

but it needs to be aware of scope,

so (rename '(defn q [x] ((fn [x] (* x 5)) x)) [x] [a])

would return (defn q [a] ((fn [x] (* x 5)) a))

I don't know where to start solving this - any hints would be greatly appreciated!

  • Are you more interested in solving the problem, or using core.logic to solve it? I could point to another solution. – Ambrose Mar 3 '13 at 5:47
  • I could do it functionally, but I want to see how to do it relationally, out of curiosity - unless that's a stupid way of doing it! Any suggestions are welcome. Truth is, having tried a few simple exercises in core.logic, I still have no idea how to approach this problem (which is a real problem I need to solve for a thing I'm writing), in a relational way. I thought it looked like a candidate for core.logic – Hendekagon Mar 3 '13 at 6:17
  • 1
    Here is some code for hygienic transformation. github.com/frenchy64/analyze/blob/master/src/analyze/… It wouldn't be hard to update it to rename locals. This works on fully macroexpanded forms. It would be pretty much impossible to get it correctly working without fully macroexpanding. – Ambrose Mar 4 '13 at 14:46
  • thanks for the code - although with my 1 year of Clojure, it's basically from the future. Must learn macros... – Hendekagon Mar 6 '13 at 0:40

This problem is more suitable for FP as it is just a tree traversal and replace operation, where as LP is more about specifying constrains and asking all possible solution around those constrains for a specific input. But if you really want to do this logical way, I tried something that does try to do it LP way but it doesn't handle a lot of cases and is just a starting point.

(defrel replace-with a b)
(fact replace-with 'x 'a)
(fact replace-with 'y 'b)

(defn replace [a b]
    [(replace-with a b)]
    [(== a b)]))

(defn replace-list [from to]
   [(== from []) (== to [])]
   [(fresh [f t f-rest t-rest]
            (resto from f-rest)
            (resto to t-rest)
            (firsto from f) (firsto to t)  
            (conda [(replace-list f t)]
                   [(replace f t)])
            (replace-list f-rest t-rest))]))

(first (run 1 [q]
        (fresh [from]
        (== from '(defn multiply [x y] (* x y)))
        (replace-list from q))))

==> (defn multiply (a b) (* a b))

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