I'm new to google dart and been trying to learn it for a day now. I'm pretty novice to programming in general and I'm trying to read the documentation; however, I feel a bit overwhelmed.

I would like to know the most proper method of creating a interaction for spacebar here key. When one would push spacebar, it would toggle between function void startwatch() , void resetwatch()

I believe this is the correct documentation page also documentation for keyboardEventController

void main() {


void startwatch() {
  var oneSecond = new Duration(milliseconds:1);
  var timer = new Timer.repeating(oneSecond, updateTime);

void resetwatch() {
  counter = '00:00:00';

Any further information needed I'll try to respond immediately. Thnk you so much for your help.

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To listen to keyboard events and toggle between startwatch() and resetwatch():

void main() {
  var started = false;

  window.onKeyUp.listen((KeyboardEvent e) {
    print('pressed a key');

    if (e.keyCode == KeyCode.SPACE) {
      print('pressed space');

      if (started) {
      } else {

      started = !started; // A quick way to switch between true and false.

window is an instance of Window class. It's automatically provided for you.

There's also a handy class called KeyEvent, which attempts to eliminate cross-browser inconsistencies. These inconsistencies are usually related to special keys.

  • The docs on KeyEvent tell us to add events to a Stream, but streams don't support adding events, it would have to be a Sink or StreamController. So how do we proceed? I have a similar question to this one. Sep 6, 2020 at 1:46

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