I want to build a select input from an array (and not a collection of models), with SimpleForm, and have different classes for each options.

I would have hoped that this would work:

f.input :method, collection: [
    ["option text", "option_value_1", { class: "class_name_1" }],
    ["option text 2", "option_value_2", { class: "class_name_2" }]

The problem with that is it will generate:

    <option value="option text" class="class_name_1">option text</option>
    <option value="option text 2" class="class_name_2">option text 2</option>

How can I do what I want (value should be "option value") with simple form?


This appears to be a limitation when using collections, see the author of SimpleForm's explanation here. He recommends a workaround of the form:

f.input :method, :as => :select do
  f.select :method, [['option text', 'option_value_1', {"class" => "class_name_1"}], ['option text 2', 'option_value_2', {"class" => "class_name_2"}]]
  • Thanks a lot :) Actually I had found a gh issue mentioning this thing, but it was dated 2 years ago, so I hoped things had changed. – Robin Mar 3 '13 at 21:40

You also can pass array of arrays as an argument

= f.input :status, collection: [['option text', 'option_value_1', {"class" => "class_name_1"}], ['option text 2', 'option_value_2', {"class" => "class_name_2"}]]

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