we have a lot of users running in different shared and solo-owned repositories in Subversion. As part of our work, we do project-shared code and individual work, and we need to control access, ideally on a group basis. Currenly, we use SVNManager to allow users to manage access and create repositories. However, in order to get that working we had to do quite a bit of hacking.

Does anyone know of a free, open-source, linux-compatible SVN management system?

Thanks for your help.

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I would recommend SVN Access: http://www.jaj.com/projects/svnaccess/ or http://freshmeat.net/projects/svnaccess/ I have used it as is, and have modified it for an enterprise-wide solution at my day job.


There is an alternative called KDESVN which you might want to try. However, I have never used it, so I cannot vouch for it.


svn-access-manager seems to be a great open-source web administration GUI for SVN too (and currently active ...).

But I've finally adopted USVN !

This question is very similar to SVN admin management GUI tool by the way ...


I use KDESVN. Once it's set up it works great, but you only get one chance to set up your branch structure, so plan to create a test repository first.

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