I'm trying to install pybrain on python 3.2. It says here: https://github.com/pybrain/pybrain/pull/85 that it should work. However it does not for me.

I tried:

$export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:'/home/luis/Documents/pybrain/'https://github.com/pybrain/pybrain/pull/85

which works well for python 2.7.

Did somebody get it to work?


After hours of "what the hell?!"s I installed it. First the installer suggested is not updated for Python3 so I installed Distribute. With that installed I was able to use python setup.py install in the directory where I unrared pybrain. It gave a ton of errors. So I found this article (god bless google translate) and used 2to3 on pybrain directory. After I tried to install it again it gave an error on from string import split so I edited the file and removed that line (it is not needed really) and tried yet another time. This time no errors occurred and I was able to import pybrain without any problems. The same problem with the from string import split occurs in utilities.py again, so edit that line too.

I used 2to3 to turn examples to python3 too. benchmarkplots.py seems to work.


Update: pybrain now supports python3
Here's how to install if you run into trouble

pip install https://github.com/pybrain/pybrain/archive/0.3.3.zip

Or just grab latest github pybrain release.

  • I'm not sure what's wrong with icoz PyBrain port but for me it doesn't work at all. When training, error increases rather than decrease. I tried exact same code (copy-paste and fix compatibility issues) with python2 version and it worked as expected. Use with caution. – Pijusn Sep 8 '14 at 9:33

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