I have oracle 11g and I am running Windows 7. I have setup node.js and it's working perfectly fine with MongoDB and other stuff. I have a couple of tools to build for my team, and I wanted to use this opportunity to learn Node.js. But the problem is that the database is oracle and I am so tired of trying to make it work, so tired that I created a stackoverflow account. I did read many of the questions posted without finding an answer how to set this up properly on Windows.

  • Welcome to StackOverflow, it is always a good idea to show some initiative before asking a question here so tell us - what have you tried? – Martin Mar 4 '13 at 23:52

Have you tried node packages that allow you to connect to Oracle DB. Here are some :

  1. oracle npm page and Github
  2. db-oracle npm page and Github

To install do this

npm install oracle //or
npm install db-oracle

db-oracle does not work on windows due to a dependency on the unix "pthread.h" library.

The oracle library is now reported to work on Windows, but requires having a suitable C++ compiler installed (e.g., VisualStudio).


There is a new Oracle provided node module that just got released. Check it out: https://github.com/oracle/node-oracledb/

Here is Oracle's announcement: https://blogs.oracle.com/opal/entry/introducing_node_oracledb_a_node

In the announcement, they claim to be making it Windows compatible soon.

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