I'm trying to get the current ID of the category page I'm viewing.

I had checked the_category_ID

But this echo'd my result when I used

<?php $catID = the_category_ID(); ?>

Is there a way to get it to return the value to the variable so its hidden?


The current category ID is in the global $cat variable, when you are in a category page.

You can test it with:

<?php echo "Current Category ID is: " . $cat ;?>

when you are in for example this page http://example.com/category/test


Try the following

$catID = get_query_var( 'cat' );

$category= get_queried_object();
echo $category->term_id;
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    This is a different approach to everyone else's answer. Care to add some explanation? Also, use the code block when putting code in your post. – James Aug 7 '15 at 18:00
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    This is the best answer that actually works. Nice job. – Dragi Postolovski Jul 23 '19 at 15:29

the_category_ID was deprecated in 2003.

Try this:

if (is_category()) {
    $category = get_category(get_query_var('cat'));
    $cat_id = $category->cat_ID;

Function the_category_ID is deprecated. You need to use get_the_category() function instead. E.g.:

$category = get_the_category(); 
echo $category[0]->cat_name;

See more at wordpress codex: get_the_category

  • of the many codes I try, the code is successful. if wan get Cat-ID, change ->cat_name with ->cat_ID. Thank – PUSTAKAKORAN.COM Oct 14 '16 at 15:19

This code current to get Category ID:

$category = get_the_category(); 
echo $category[0]->cat_ID;

It's work for me, today 18 Oct 2016.


This writes the variable instead of echoing

<?php $catID = the_category_ID($echo=false);?>
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    Function is deprecated. – addedlovely Jun 1 '16 at 16:34
  • You should use global $cat instead. – prosti Jun 15 '19 at 19:49

You will get current category id in variable,

<?php $catID = the_category_ID($echo);?>

This not print directly, whenever give print statment that time only print.

  • Function is deprecated. – addedlovely Jun 1 '16 at 16:34

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