Is there a way to "limit" the result with ELOQUENT ORM of Laravel?

 SELECT * FROM  `games` LIMIT 30 , 30 

And with Eloquent ?


Create a Game model which extends Eloquent and use this:


take() here will get 30 records and skip() here will offset to 30 records.

In recent Laravel versions you can also use:


If you're looking to paginate results, use the integrated paginator, it works great!

$games = Game::paginate(30);
// $games->results = the 30 you asked for
// $games->links() = the links to next, previous, etc pages
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    This is seriously amazing! Using bootstrap, literally all the code you need is $games = Game::paginate(30) in your controller and {{ $games->links() }} in your view... it takes care of everything. Loving Laravel! – david_nash Feb 8 '17 at 2:26

We can use LIMIT like bellow:


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