Is there a way in IIS to redirect the following request: http://mysite/report1/img/logo.png to http://mysite/myapplication/report1/images/logo.png for ALL images in the img directory without having to explicitly map them individually?

Additional requirement- I have THOUSANDS of reports on a drive mapped to the 'report1' virtual directory- each with their own 'img' directory- so there is no reasonable way to use IIS manager to map those directories individually either.

I'm looking to see if there is some way to add a wildcard (or other) HttpRedirect in the IIS server web.config file to correctly map all the images for all the reports. I tried:

<add wildcard="*res/img/" destination="/reporter/content/images/reportimages" />

But that seemed to have no effect.

EDIT: Some more research shows that using the URL Rewrite module might work... but so far I haven't gotten it to work.

My rule looks like this (in web.config):

    <rule name="Redirect rule1 for ImageRedirect">
        <match url=".*" />
                <add input="{ImageRedirect:{REQUEST_URI}}" matchType="Pattern" pattern="/res/img/(.+)" ignoreCase="true" negate="false" />
            <action type="Redirect" url="{HTTP_HOST}/reporter/content/reporterimages/{C:1}" appendQueryString="false" />

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You were on the right track using the URL Rewrite module.
The most simple rule in your case would be:

<rule name="Rewrite images" stopProcessing="true">
  <match url="^/report1/img/(.+)$" />
  <action type="Rewrite" url="/myapplication/report1/images/{R:1}" />

It does check if the requested url matches ^/report1/img/(.+)$ and if yes, trigger a rewrite to your new folder.

If you want to use a Redirect instead:

<rule name="Redirect images" stopProcessing="true">
  <match url="^/report1/img/(.+)$" />
  <action type="Redirect" url="/myapplication/report1/images/{R:1}" />

(If you don't specify it, by default a Redirect is permanent (301))

  • Thanks for the reply! But I can't seem to get it to work. Here's a real input url: http://localhost/atlas/report-1.0.2/res/img/ctc.png and the redirect url: http://localhost/reporter/content/images/reportimages/ctc.png. It's like nothing is happening....?
    – Nicros
    Mar 6, 2013 at 18:38
  • Have you change the regex to url="^atlas/report-1.0.2/res/img/(.+)$"? Have you used the Rewrite or Redirect version? Mar 6, 2013 at 18:43
  • I haven't changed the regex because that report-1.0.2 portion of the url will change. The only consistent parts of the url are the host (http://localhost) and /res/img/. I think I just need to change the match to "/res/img/(.+)$" rather than beginning (^). It's seeming to work for one specific image url, but not for image url's embedded in a page... still working on it!
    – Nicros
    Mar 6, 2013 at 18:55
  • Ok, that makes sense. Note that Redirect and Rewrite are 2 really different actions. If you still have the problem, update your question with your rules and errors and I will take a look. Mar 6, 2013 at 19:06

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