I'm working on a large legacy ColdFusion site, which makes extensive use of frames for its layout. A fairly large portion of the site is dedicated to process control workflows -

  • User 1 creates a job
  • User 2 does part 2 of the job
  • User 1 does part 3 of the job
  • User 3 signs off the job


Each part, or stage, of each type of job currently has its own .cfm page with the relevant inputs, and each page has its own copy of (what should be, but isn't) common code to progress/regress between stages. Each page appears in the main frame, and the other frames have a list of stages, a summary of the job, etc.

I've been tasked to clean up this unholy mess and make a common, generic process control handler that takes care of all job types. I've got the name of each stage file in the database, so I can do a single query giving the job's type and its ID, and the database returns the URL I need to display.

But what is the best way to load that page? I've played around with <cfdiv bind="[page]">, which loads the page but doesn't seem to load any javascript in it, and <cfinclude template="[page]">, which is being...problematic, because the existing code uses URL parameters extensively and I can't feed them in directly via <cfinclude>.

Should I be using a cfc function to strip URL parameters out of the request, insert them into the URL scope and then <cfinclude> the page? I'm open to any and all ideas, but I'm trying to avoid extensive rewriting of the stage pages - there's a lot of them, and some of them are not well-written...

Edit: working example?

I just explored putting it in a custom tag, so in my handler page I have:

<cf_processPage typeid="#typeid#" objid="#objid#">

and in processPage.cfm:

<cfinvoke component="cfc.pcs" method="getCurrProcess" returnvariable="strUrl">
    <cfinvokeargument name="CategoryID" value="#catid#">
    <cfinvokeargument name="EntityID" value="#objid#">

<cfif strUrl.indexOf('?') gt 0>
    <cfset strPage = ListGetAt(strUrl,1,'?')>
    <cfset strArgs = ListGetAt(strUrl,2,'?')>

    <cfloop list="#strArgs#" delimiters="&" index="arg">
        <cfset URL[#ListGetAt(arg,1,'=')#] = #ListGetAt(arg,2,'=')#>
    <cfset strPage = strUrl>

<cfinclude template="#strPage#">`

It seems to work quite nicely, but it's this...valid? Elegant? Is there a Better Way(tm)?

  • <cflocation url="#strurl#"> ? Of course you lose page control at that point if you do stuff after the cfinclude. – BKK Mar 6 '13 at 15:41
  • Yeah, I'm trying to drive this using a single page as the framework. The framework page loads a menu and other links from the database depending on the job type - currently this is all done using frames. Using <cflocation> would mean importing the code for this (presumably via <cfinclude>) into every process page, which seems a bit...backwards. (loading the framework from the child page, rather than the framework loading the children.) – Juffy Mar 7 '13 at 0:01

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