Let's say I have:

@string = "it is a <a href="#">string</a>"

I want to use it in different parts of my application in two ways:

  • With a clickable link
  • Without the clickable link (but not showing any HTML markup)

The first one can be done using html_safe:


It is a string

How can I achieve the second one?

It is a string.

| |

You can try this:


See strip_tags(html).

| |

You can try this:

| |

For general-purpose use (e.g. web scraper):

puts Rails::Html::FullSanitizer.new.sanitize("<div>Hello</div><br>")
# Hello
| |

You can use nokogiri to do the same.

This SO post tells the story.

Here in short:

This uses the XPath's starts-with function:

You have to first define it like this:

require 'nokogiri'

item = Nokogiri::HTML('<a href="#">string</a>')
puts item.to_html

The above will give the html output. Then you can use XPath.

item.search('//a[not(starts-with(@href, "http://"))]').each do |a|
puts item.to_html
| |

In Rails, see also the strip_tags method. http://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActionView/Helpers/SanitizeHelper.html#method-i-strip_tags

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Rails provides a method called strip_links, which seems to do what you want (looking at its name).

According to its APIDock page it is a bit limited. To make it applicable to a/any string you could extend the string class:

class String
  def strip_links

So you can use:

| |
  • strip_links gives an error if the string has no html markups. Extending the method don't give the error, but does not work for some markups, such as <em>. But thanks anyway. – gabrielhilal Mar 6 '13 at 16:08
  • Oh... I thought/assumed you always have a link in your string... I guess the sanitize method removes all HTML... (It is in the same Helper module) – Veger Mar 6 '13 at 16:10

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