we have a simple table and need convert to XML

 Declare @Person TABLE
(   [BusinessEntityID] [int] NOT NULL,
    [PersonType] [varchar](2) NULL,
    [Title] [varchar](30) NULL,
    [FirstName] [varchar](30) NULL,
    [MiddleName] [varchar](30) NULL,
    [LastName] [varchar](30) NULL)

Insert Into @Person Values(10001,'IN','Article','Carolyn','Jo','Alonso')

we need this xml for output with For XML in sql server

<?xml-stylesheet type='text/xsl' href='result.xsl'?>
    <field name="BusinessEntityID">10001</field>
    <field name="PersonType">IN</field>
    <field name="Title">Article</field>
    <field name="FirstName">Carolyn</field>
    <field name="MiddleName">Jo</field>
    <field name="LastName">Alonso</field>

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The following XML PATH query should get you most of the way. You just need to add the stylesheet header.

'BusinessEntityID' AS 'document/field/@name'
,   BusinessEntityID AS 'document/field'
,   '' AS 'document'
,   'documentType' AS 'document/field/@name'
,   PersonType AS 'document/field'
,   '' AS 'document'
,   'Title' AS 'document/field/@name'
,   Title AS 'document/field'
,   '' AS 'document'
,   'FirstName' AS 'document/field/@name'
,   FirstName AS 'document/field'
,   '' AS 'document'
,   'MiddleName' AS 'document/field/@name'
,   MiddleName AS 'document/field'
,   '' AS 'document'
,   'LastName' AS 'document/field/@name'
,   LastName AS 'document/field'
,   '' AS 'document'
FROM @Person
FOR XML PATH(''), ROOT('documents')

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