With a list you can do:


There is no add range method in a HashSet. What is the best way to add another ICollection to a HashSet?


For HashSet<T>, the name is UnionWith.

This is to indicate the distinct way the HashSet works. You cannot safely Add a set of random elements to it like in Collections, some elements may naturally evaporate.

I think that UnionWith takes its name after "merging with another HashSet", however, there's an overload for IEnumerable<T> too.

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    Imho, HashSet (and ISet) was created with mathematically set term. UnionWith was the nearer term. Except for Except, which clearly should be named as Subtract, mathematically speaking. – fa wildchild Jan 7 '15 at 3:39

This is one way:

public static class Extensions
    public static bool AddRange<T>(this HashSet<T> source, IEnumerable<T> items)
        bool allAdded = true;
        foreach (T item in items)
            allAdded &= source.Add(item);
        return allAdded;
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