Is there any way to force merge branch A in branch B where all possible conflicts will be resolved in favor of branch B?

In any words how to push last branch B revision in branch A without vanity around conflicts?

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You can decide to take all of one branch over another by using hg merge --tool internal:other or hg merge --tool internal:local

I'm not sure which way you want to merge but if you want to merge A into B taking all changes from B then you would do the following:

> hg update B
> hg merge A --tool internal:local
> hg commit -m "Merge"

The internal:local merge tool will take the changes in the current revision (which is B because of the hg update B) over the changes in the other revision, internal:other would take all changes from A.

For more info use the following commands: hg help merge and hg help merge-tools

  • Is hg help merge-tools, at least in 2.0.
    – MGP
    Mar 7, 2013 at 14:53

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