Code quality metric tool like Sonar does provide the ability to drill down to a class and find out the number of:

  1. Afferent (incoming) couplings
  2. Efferent (outgoing) couplings

What are these two parameters? Can you please describe with a simple contrived example?

  • which programing language you are using? I am specific to PHP, there is a tool PHPMetrics, which can provide you a nice diagram and describe dependencies, add the same in Jenkins (if you are using at all) – aniruddha May 21 '18 at 15:31

According to wikipedia:

Afferent Couplings (Ca): The number of classes in other packages that depend upon classes within the package is an indicator of the package's responsibility. Afferent = incoming.

Efferent Couplings (Ce): The number of classes in other packages that the classes in the package depend upon is an indicator of the package's dependence on externalities. Efferent = outgoing.

So, if you have classes (or packages or whatever) with the following structure:

class Foo {
    Quux q;

class Bar {
    Quux q;

class Quux {
    // ...

Then Foo and Bar each have one efferent coupling, and Quux has two afferent couplings.

  • is Afferent coupling a better indicator of single responsibility principle being practiced? – user20358 Apr 22 '17 at 19:50
  • 1
    @user20358 - I'm not the best architect, but I don't think it indicates much. A class with too many afferent couplings could be used a lot because it does too much. Or it could just be handling some sort of crosscutting concern - logging, ORM unit of work, things like that. – millimoose Apr 23 '17 at 12:58

Since you mentioned Sonar, here is the definition provided by their documentation page

  • Afferent couplings : A class afferent couplings is a measure of how many other classes use the specific class.
  • Efferent couplings : A class efferent couplings is a measure of how many different classes are used by the specific class.
  • 1
    would object composition mean efferent coupling then? – user20358 Feb 17 '14 at 10:43

Coupling is a measure of dependencies.

Afferent Coupling :

  • Who depends on you.
  • Measure of how many other packages use a specific package.
  • Incoming dependencies.

Efferent Coupling :

  • Who do you depend on.
  • Measure of how many different packages are used by a specific package.
  • Outgoing dependencies.

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