I am running phpMyAdmin and MySQL on XAMPP for Windows.

I am accessing the MySQL database in two ways. First, via localhost/phpmyadmin, and second, via a connection.php file (with mysql_connect('localhost','user','password') which is used by other php files for a website on the server.

Both for the phpMyAdmin login and the mysql_connect I am using the root user. I know I should not be using root and that it is a security issue. But the passwords differ! I have set the password for the phpMyAdmin access via localhost/security, but I can't figure how to change the password required for the mysql_connect.

I thought it would be the same but apparently it is not. How do I change the root password through phpMyAdmin?


if you open localhost/phpmyadmin you will find a tab called "User accounts". There you can define all your users that can access the mysql database, set their rights and even limit from where they can connect.

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    That did it! Thanks for the prompt reply! – Bernd Mar 7 '13 at 14:00

You need to change the password directly in the database because at mysql the users and their profiles are saved in the database.

So there are several ways. At phpMyAdmin you simple go to user admin, choose root and change the password.

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