I have an MSI transform that I have embedded as a resource in my MSI File, using the WiX binary element. I want to enable people to be able to apply the embedded transform, by specifying the TRANSFORMS property on the MSI.

Using ORCA, I add the TRANSFORMS property, and specify the transform to use. However, it does not appear that the transform actually works. Running with msiexec /i product.msi /lv log.txt, I see a line that says

MSI (c) (0C:FC) [11:27:06:957]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Deleting TRANSFORMS property. Its current value is ':Product.mst'.

How can I get the MSI to use the transform that I am specifying?

Edit: I just tried specifying the TRANSFORMS property manually like this: msiexec /i Product.msi /lv Log.txt TRANSFORMS=:Transform.mst, and msiexec complains about not being able to find the transform. Also, if I use 7-Zip to extract the contents of the MSI, the transform is listed as "Transform.binary". Could this be the problem?



_Storages Table (Windows)

You won't see this table in ORCA because it's a temp table. But if you run an SQL query you'll get the names back. That's what needs to be used in your TRANSFORMS property.

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