For someone who uses the Ctrl-W bindings in vim habitually, it is incredibly annoying to have Chrome OS ask me, "Wanna close this window, then?"

How do I remap keys in Chrome OS? Can't find this top secret setting anywhere.


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Google just published these extensions which allow you to remap most of the keys, with some caveats.

Also, Chrome OS now* supports remapping the Ctrl, Alt, and Search keys to [Search/Ctrl/Alt/disabled/Esc] without any extensions. See here: chrome://settings/keyboard-overlay#keyboard

*at least as of 33.0.1750.58 (Official Build 247552) beta


It is not currently possible.

Discussion thread: https://groups.google.com/a/chromium.org/d/msg/chromium-discuss/pfAQrN0-t6c/ADp_Io32DNAJ


Check out Vimium for vi like mappings in Chrome and the ability to remap them. Your limited to the vim/chrome commands it supports though.

So also check out keyboard-fu which allows you to map keys to any Javascript snippet you want.

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