What C preprocessor conditional should I use for OS X specific code? I need to include a specific library if I am compiling for OS X or a different header if I am compiling for Linux.

I know there is __APPLE__ but I don't know if that is a current conditional for OS X 10.x.


This list of operating system macros says the presence of both __APPLE__ and __MACH__ indicate OSX.

Also confirmed at line 18 of part of the source for fdisk.


__APPLE__ will tell you you're compiling on an Apple platform. Unless you need to support MacOS versions before OS X, that should be good enough. Alternately, you could use __APPLE__ and __MACH__ to make sure you're compiling on OS X.


If I remember correctly, it's __APPLE__ :)

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    I believe this is for both MAC and iOS. – Naseef Chowdhury Nov 19 '13 at 10:05

This code example may help you -

if defined(__APPLE__)
#include "TargetConditionals.h"
  if (!defined(TARGET_OS_IPHONE) && !defined(TARGET_IPHONE_SIMULATOR))
   //write your OSX specific code here

old style raw:

#ifdef WIN32
// windows.
#elif __APPLE__
// osx and ios.

This page contains a list of all OS predefined macros.

For mac OSX both the __APPLE__ && __MACH__ need to be defined.

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