I have an standard image upload in TYPO3 Backend, that allows more than 1 image upload.

So I have an image database field with data like that: "image1.jpg,image2.jpg".

In Frontend, I can explode the field, send the array to fluid, and output it in a fluid:for each like that:

<f:image src="uploads/tx_myext/{image}"  />

First question is: is there maybe some fancy new Extbase or Fluid Magic, that creates image objects right from database?

Second question: if I have a huge 2MB image and make a fluid:image output with width=100, is it just scaled in browser, or is it really downsized using ImageMagick?


Comma list to array:

Unfortunately as I can see in Extbase 4.7 there is still no ViewHelper for iterating comma separated strings. You have two options: write custom ViewHelper or stay with the way you are using.

TIP: To avoid passing additional params (especially when you have many comma separated fields there and/or using many Partials for rendering the view) I'm adding a public field to my model. Without representation in TCA it will be considered as transient, ie:

 * @var array
public $imagesArray;

and then just filling it in controller right before assigning so I can access it as {project.imagesArray} in the view:

public function showAction(Tx_Myext_Domain_Model_Project $project) {
    $project->imagesArray = explode(',', $project->getImage());
    $this->view->assign('project', $project);


<f:for each="{project.imagesArray}" as="image">
    <f:image src="uploads/tx_myext/{image}" width="200" height="200m" alt="" />

Most probably you are using quite similar approach...

Image resizing:

It's easiest just to ... check. ImageMagick hashes the name of the resized image and stores it in the temp folder by default, so if in code preview you see the path like: typo3temp/pics/cd27baa408.jpg instead of uploads/tx_myext/photo123.jpg that means it was converted with IM. And yes, image ViewHelper uses the IM.

You can even add perform simple calculations by giving value as width="200m" or width="200c" from viewhelper's phpdoc: See imgResource.width for possible options

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  • Thanks a lot for verifying my first approach, wasn't sure if that is to complicated. I could not check ImageMagick, as I had not coded it yet - and was thinking about some oldschool cObj->IMAGE Code as well. – Andrea Schmuttermair Mar 8 '13 at 13:10
  • How about JSWindow for image click-enlarge? – Andrea Schmuttermair Mar 12 '13 at 17:14

Now I created a ViewHelper in Typo3 Forge as I think processing of images as they come from database would be quite usefull.

And I added imageLinkWrap for JS Window.


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