I am using the internationalisation block for basic page translation between Spanish and English. By default the content is in Spanish. When I change the language to English the page content is translated, however the autonav appears blank. I have used page CID's to determine the language differences. In my header.php file for my theme I am using the follow statement:

if(!$c->getAttribute('english_menus')) {
$lh = Loader::helper('section', 'multilingual');
$lang = $lh->getLanguage();
$bt = BlockType::getByHandle('autonav');
$bt->controller->displayPages = 'custom';
if ($lang == "en_EN"){
  $bt->controller->displayPagesCID = 166; //English section cID
} else {
  $bt->controller->displayPagesCID = 171; //Spanish section cID
$bt->controller->orderBy = 'display_asc';

This displays the top level navigation fine. however when the country flag is selected the auto nav menu disappears and does not display in english

Many Thanks


Do you mean to have the

if (! $c->getAttribute('english_menus')) {

at the top?

It doesn't make much sense to me. Any chance your english page (or whatever page you land on after the country flag) has that attribute set to something?

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