Used as a scripting language, does Scala have some sort of include directive, or is there a way to launch a script from an other script ?


The scala command has the :load filename command to load a Scala file interactively. Alternatively the scala command's -i filename argument can be used to preload the file.


As of beginning of 2013, there seems to be no built-in support for multiple-file scripts.

There's one guy that implemented #include support for non-interactive scala scripts, by assembling and compiling the files in a prior stage (have not tried it yet).

Here is the blog post about it:


And the git repository:


I hope this, or something along the lines, get official some day, since the -i filename scala switch seems to apply only for the interactive console.

Until then a proper scripting language, like Ruby, might still remain the best option.

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    "Until then a proper scripting language, like Ruby, might still remain the best option." Perhaps. Though what I am looking for is way to write simple, type safe scripts. – Paul Draper Feb 5 '15 at 18:52

Ammonite is an option. It implements scala (plus extensions) including import in scripts.

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