I receive this response from a POST request using $.ajax():

{"command": 6,"log_size":50,"log":[
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0D","ti": 1047161877,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": " __START__","sensors": "00","ti": 0000011410,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0A","ti": 0000011411,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0B","ti": 0000011411,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0D","ti": 0000011412,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": " __START__","sensors": "00","ti": 1047215799,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0A","ti": 1047215799,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": " __START__","sensors": "00","ti": 1047218051,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0D","ti": 0000002598,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0B","ti": 1047068795,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0D","ti": 1047068796,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0A","ti": 1047071223,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0B","ti": 1047071224,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0D","ti": 1047071225,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0A","ti": 0000000010,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0D","ti": 0000000012,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0C","ti": 1047130533,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0A","ti": 0000000026,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0A","ti": 0000000180,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0B","ti": 0000000206,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "09","ti": 0000000212,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "08","ti": 0000000383,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": " __START__","sensors": "00","ti": 0000001562,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0A","ti": 0000001563,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0B","ti": 0000001564,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0D","ti": 1047161632,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": " __START__","sensors": "00","ti": 1047161875,"to": 0},
    {"type": 30,"tag": "*NETEVENT*","sensors": "0B","ti": 1047161876,"to": 0}

For IE works fine, in Chrome appears "Syntax error: unexpected number" and in Firefox the message is "SyntaxError: JSON.parse: expected ',' or '}' after property value in object"

In various online JSON parsers and validators the format of the response seems to be OK, but in firefox and chrome not works.

Any idea why this happens?

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    I get a validation error about the value 0000000206 with the first JSON validator found on Google.
    – JJJ
    Mar 8, 2013 at 14:28
  • this can be usefull to you in validating json string Mar 8, 2013 at 14:30

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A number can't start with a not significative 0.

This is invalid : "ti": 0000011410

From JSON.org :

enter image description here

You should fix it at the source but if you can't, assuming your JSON is always similar to this one (no numbers in strings), then you might probably fix it with a regex :

var obj = JSON.parse(str.replace(/ 0+(?![\. }])/g, ' '));

You can't even here use the evil eval because "0000011410" would be parsed as a octal :

console.log(eval('({"ti": 0000011410})'));


{ti: 4872}

This probably explains why it was considered safer to forbid numbers starting with non significative 0 in JSON.

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    Great answer. worth mentioning that octal literals are also forbidden in JavaScript strict mode. You'll get the following error in JavaScript SyntaxError: Octal literals are not allowed in strict mode. Mar 13, 2013 at 9:09

remove 0 in front of the number in the json

  • Please provide more details/code for how this answer solves the question.
    – RyanNerd
    Jan 8, 2020 at 8:49

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