In cell A1 a date time is given. in cell B1 i have given Now(). In cell C1 the time difference is calculated in hh:mm:ss format.


A1(target time)

08/03/2013 11:00:00 P.M

B1(current time)

08/03/2013 09:00:00 P.M.

C1(remaining time)


i have done conditional formatting on cell C1 for 100 rows containing values in hh:mm:ss format .Those 100 values are having more than one conditional formatting.

As the time passes by the value of cell C1 is decreasing and will finally come to 00:00:00

Now CF are given as GREEN for >10:00:00, AMBER for between 04:00:00 to 09:59:59, RED for between 00:00:01 to 03:59:59,BLACK for <=00:00:00

So the number of RED cells are not fixed as some from RED are becoming BLACK and some are entering RED from AMBER with the time passing by.

What i want is:

In sheet2 i need only the values that are red in colour i.e. between 00:00:01 to 03:59:59


If red colored cells are always between 00:00:01 and 03:59:59 then you can get the value you want in Sheet2 by just looking at values.

On Sheet2 this formula would retrieve red cells:

=IF(AND(C1 > 1/86400,C1 < 14399/86400),C1,"")

86400 is the number of seconds in a day (60*60/24). 1 represents 00:00:01 and 14399 represents 03:59:59.

So if any cell in column C on Sheet1 is between 00:00:01 and 03:59:59 show in Sheet2 else leave it blank.

Does that help?

  • This is working for the particular cell mentioned in the formula though the colour is not reflecting. How to bring the colour ? – avichandana20000 Mar 11 '13 at 9:16
  • You can't 'bring' the color. You'd need to set up conditional formatting on your other sheet. – Alex P Mar 11 '13 at 12:48

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