I am using successfully OrmLite in my Android apps. I am moving my apps to the new CursorLoader logic and I would like to know how to use Ormlite with a CursorLoader without to have a ContentProvider.

Is't possible?


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I think the best solution will be implement subclass for CursorLoader, and in loadInBackground() get and return cursor from ORM. In my case it was something like this

public Cursor loadInBackground() {
    Dao<Account, String> dao = mHelper.getDao();
    QueryBuilder<Account, String> qb = dao.queryBuilder();                    
    CloseableIterator<Account> iterator = dao.iterator(qb.prepare());
    try {
        AndroidDatabaseResults results =
        cursor = results.getRawCursor();               
    catch(Exception ex){                    
    return cursor;

Than you can use this Loader just as other loaders. You can look at full example with custom AsyncTaskLoader here: Example

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