I have a GPS app that already requests ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission in the manifest, now I want to add a library (MoPub) that requires ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION.

Am I correct in assuming that ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION is enough, and I can leave out ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION from my manifest?



Note: If you are using both NETWORK_PROVIDER and GPS_PROVIDER, then you need to request only the ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION permission, because it includes permission for both providers. (Permission for ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION includes permission only for NETWORK_PROVIDER.)

In short: yes, you don't need ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION if you've already defined ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION.


Depends on your need.

Permission wise, ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION includes ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION. However, there is a catch:

ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION gives you last-known location which is battery friendly https://developer.android.com/training/location/retrieve-current.html#setup
For example, if your app does something like location-based recommendations, last-known location is good enough.
This has a dependency on Google Play Services

However, if you need something like live/ real-time location like Pokemon Go, use ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION
It gives you live/ real-time location. You'll need to use a LocationListener
Last time I checked, this does not require Google Play Services


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