I need to control mouse pointer of my computer screen using an external device.I just know i have to write a device driver for that device. It's a usb device.

Can anyone tell me how should i approach this problem ?

What are the modules and algorithms will be required for this?

I ll appreciate if you can provide some reference material?

Sorry for such trivial questions but am a newbie in Linux device driver area.


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As guidance given by Mr. Stark which is essential before writing a module. As far as the problem of usb mouse driver you can check the following link. For the unknown USB device you can refer this link. More links for usb mouse driver : link1 link2


Read Linux Device Drivers which tells you everything you need to know. Linux includes a USB mouse driver (I'm using one right now) which should be a good reference.


First, it can be useful to take a look to Linux USB. See writing USB device drivers.

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