I've some problem with LibGDX and tiled maps. I come from Corona SDK (Lua) and I've used Lime (third party lib to handle tmx maps), now I switched to LibGDX and followed this really recent feature: GraphicsTileMaps

I was able to load an isometric map from assets using IsometricTiledMapRenderer as renderer and an OrthographicCamera to display the map (all works as described in the wiki page). I was also able to fill programmatically some tile on the map layer, but my problem starts, when I try to use AnimatedTiledMapTile:

    map = new TmxMapLoader().load(...);

    TiledMapTileLayer layer = (TiledMapTileLayer) map.getLayers().getLayer("layer1");
    TiledMapTileSet tileset =  map.getTileSets().getTileSet("tileset1");
    TiledMapTile grassTile =  tileset.getTile(4);
    TiledMapTile rockTile =  tileset.getTile(6);

    Array<StaticTiledMapTile> playerTileArr = new Array<StaticTiledMapTile>();

    Cell grass = new Cell();

    Cell player = new Cell();
    player.setTile(new AnimatedTiledMapTile(0.1f, playerTileArr));

    layer.setCell(0,0, grass);  // <--- This works.
    layer.setCell(0,1, player); // <--- When I try this, it causes 
                                //      a NullPointerException.

    renderer = IsometricTiledMapRenderer(map, 1 / 30f);

Can someone help? I found an AnimatedTiledMapTile usage example for TideMapLoader but I know I'm using a "tiled map" (not a "tide map"). However.. someone can explain how I can make an animation on a specific tile?

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  • What problem do you get? – Exikle Aug 10 '13 at 3:56
  • as in the last 2 rows before "renderer = " setCell with an animated tile cause a Nullpoint Exception – Felice Ostuni Sep 10 '13 at 9:27
  • try setting (0,0) as the player tile. I think, though not sure, that you're animated part is wrong. This might help youtube.com/watch?v=xubOtuq2cEo – Exikle Sep 10 '13 at 19:27

Been by this a few time searching my self. But got it to work now.

Best guess is that your tileset don't have 7 or 8 tiles.

I got the following code to work:

    TiledMapTileLayer layer = (TiledMapTileLayer) map.getLayers().get(0);
    TiledMapTileSet tileset = map.getTileSets().getTileSet(0);

    Array<StaticTiledMapTile> at = new Array<StaticTiledMapTile>();
    if (tileset.getTile(0) != null) at.add((StaticTiledMapTile) tileset.getTile(0));
    if (tileset.getTile(1) != null) at.add((StaticTiledMapTile) tileset.getTile(1));
    if (tileset.getTile(2) != null) at.add((StaticTiledMapTile) tileset.getTile(2));
    if (tileset.getTile(3) != null) at.add((StaticTiledMapTile) tileset.getTile(3));

    layer.getCell(2, 2).setTile(new AnimatedTiledMapTile(0.3f, at));

Only getTile(1) and getTile(2) was != null - I only had 2 tiles. (my trouble was that getTile(0) wasnt the first tile.. getTile(1) was!)

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  • thnks a lot, the problem was in the tileset, tileset.getTile(8) return null after adding the check you suggested. – Felice Ostuni Sep 26 '13 at 10:54

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