I'm working on transferring a Blogger blog to a self hosted Wordpress site. Importing the blog posts and comments is a no brainer with the Blogger import tool from Wordpress, but I can't find any way to import the blog lists from Blogger to the Links Manager in Wordpress.

The blog list in Blogger is basically a classic blogroll with a title, link and a thumbnail url. You can create multiple blog lists categories on a single Blogger blog and display them in the sidebar, for example "Friends", "Music", etc.

My first thought was that I could import the blogroll with the OPML-import tool from Wordpress, but I can't find any way to export the blog lists from Blogger.

So, any suggestions on how I can import the blog lists from Blogger to Wordpress? Or export a OPML-file with the blog lists from Blogger? I'm new to the Blogger platform so I might have overlooked something in the documentation or in the settings section.


Very few blogs have that list.If at all they,they just have max 20 external links.Adding them manually (it would hardly take 15 mintutes)is much more feasible rather than writing long code for a tool.perhaps thats 1 reason there is no tool,if at all.

How many links you have?Even if you have 50 external links,you can manually have it in wordpress in max 30 minutes?(just a offtopic tip:Having too much of external links can lead to google thinking you of having paid links and can cause you penalty).

  • I see. I was thinking the same thing, but it's over 600 links separated in 5 different categories, so it's probably gonna take a while doing it manually. About the google issue, on the new wordpress site I'm planning on showing around 9 links randomly in a sidebar throughout the site. – simen Mar 11 '13 at 7:34

Import Links

You can import links from other systems into your WordPress.com blogroll.

First visit the Tools -> Import page.

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Then click Blogroll on the Import screen.

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(source: wordpress.com)

There are two options when importing links. You can import links from an existing blog, or you can import links from a file you have saved to your computer. Links can be imported if they are saved in OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) file format.

To access the links file for an existing WordPress.com blog, type in yourblogtitle.wordpress.com/wp-links-opml.php or if you have exported an OPML file containing links, click the Choose File button to choose that file from a local disk.

To finish, click the Import OPML File button.

..................... valid XHTML
(source: wordpress.com)


Export Links

You can export your links by visiting yourblogtitle.wordpress.com/wp-links-opml.php and then use the Save File option in your web browser (usually by clicking File -> Save As… but the exact wording may vary depending on your browser).

Now where did you bring OPML FILE just read the first lines of XML file of blogger export it is also OPML FILE

You can also use ompl builder online tool at reader.feedshow.com/goodies/opml/OPMLBuilder-create-opml-from-rss-list.php Its good and nice tool

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