Hi this question is very broad.

SCENARIO -- I want to diagrammatically represent the functions of my class and how they call each other? The functions have a definite pattern and I want to do this to accommodate future changes such as adding a new functionality which will require to write a new function.


function_1() ---> calls function_master()

function_2() ---> calls function_master()

If tomorrow function_3 is created then the makers should know that they need to make a call to function_master().

There are many such complex relationships.

The Real Question --> What I'm trying to achieve, does it have a name? like function mapping diagram. I know about class diagrams. I don't want to include them. I want detailed diagram of only functions calling each other.

Can you suggest some tools so that I can make it?


It is called a function call graph. A tool that may be used is doxygen


Imagix 4D will be of great help to you.

You may also look at wiki's link for static Analysis tools

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